Friday, 6 December 2013

Self Evaluation

My self and Leonie partnered up for out Final Assessment. The brief was to design and create a contemporary Elizabethan look, but once we had done so, we then had to switch and each partner had to create the opposite partners design. We had 1 hour and 45 minutes to complete and perfect our Contemporary Elizabethan designs that we had created after having researched thoroughly in to the Elizabethan era. This included Hair and Make-up, and any styling if chosen to do so. Once the assessment started we were not allowed to discuss the designs and had to keep noise to a minimum. I was first to do the assessment which meant I was to do Leonie’s design on her. Leonie had done a lot of prep before the assessment, including making her head piece and jewels, so on the day of the assessment I felt a little more relaxed. This meant that I could focus more on the make-up making sure I perfected the lips and eyes. I feel personally that the assessment went according to plan as me and Ley had practised quite a few times before hand. We made sure that we knew each step off by heart and because we had discussed the design so many times we were extra prepared and I felt extremely confident. My self and Ley had talked about her inspiration behind the design she had created, meaning that I had a good understanding of where she wanted to go with the look which meant that we worked well as a team as I completed the look exactly how Ley envisioned it. I think Leonie got a bit worried that I wouldn’t finish in time as I spent some time on parts of the makeup that perhaps didn’t necessarily need to be faffed with, but because I was so confident that I would have the hair done in a short space of time I wasn’t too worried about not finishing on time. I do find that when it comes to doing winged eye shadow or eyeliner, in this case it was winged eye shadow; I find it hard matching each side. I found it tricky getting both sides exactly equal and this panicked me slightly as I wanted it to be perfect for Leonie. I want to be able to feel confident when doing this so I don’t stress too much when doing make up application, as I find that when I stress I doubt myself leading to me not perhaps doing as well as I could. I think I have a tendency to worry more than I need to at certain times which throws me off slightly, but I am slowly but surely learning to trust myself and my application. Overall I am really pleased with how the assessment went for Leonie’s design. I feel that we both worked in a professional and hygienic manner.

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