Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Contour, Highlight and Blush

For editorial and TV make up, highlighting, contouring and blush can make a dramatic difference if done correctly. These 3 steps enhance your natural features. I practised on Emma, whose skin is combination but her tone is dark. I found it a little tricky matching her skin tone at first but after mixing a few colours and testing them out on her neck I finally found her match. I used a foundation brush to get coverage then a powder brush to really buff in the foundation. I learnt from the Perfect Base session that buffing it in really well, over and over again creates a really smooth base, so I spent time on making sure I concentrated on this. When it came to the highlighting I struggled to find the right shade, and I used a shade which was too yellow, after trying to buff it out I ended up with a shade that made Emma look slightly ill! I definitely need to practise matching the concealer colours to skin tones.

I feel that I also need to practise contouring much more as well. I understand where it should go on the face, but I still can't quite get the knack, I think I need to be more confident when I do it. I need to focus on blending it so that I can create the definition needed.

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