Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Perfect Base...

 Everybody wants a perfect base when Make-up is concerned! Today we learnt how to create a perfect base using our Kryolan Foundation pallets and Derma Concealer pallets. We started off by Cleansing, Toning and Moisturising the skin making sure that it was well prepped for base application. I worked on Ley, who has dry skin and a few spots towards the outside of her face. Normally it would be quite common to have to mix the colours in the pallet to get a colour match, and to do this you would test out the colours on the clients neck. But as Ley has such pale skin I didn't need to do this as the lightest colour in the Kryolan palette was even still a little darker than Ley's skin tone. I used a foundation brush to get coverage on the face, up on to the ears and on to the neck. I then used a powder brush to buff the foundation in to the skin. Because Ley's skin is quite dry I had to spend a little longer working the foundation in to the skin to get an even and pure complexion. To highlight and conceal I used 2 shades lighter and matched this to Ley's skin tone again... I then highlighted underneath her eyes and also any blemishes or spots. I buffed the concealer in making sure that my base was flush. I then used Illamasqua's Translucent Powder gently on the face using a sponge to set the base also meaning that any unwanted shine on the t zone would disappear.

I found it quite hard to get the perfect base straight away as Ley's skin was quite dry. But I worked the foundation in to the skin for quite some time and eventually it smoothed out. After having a bit of a challenge as the skin was quite dry I feel much more confident in creating a perfect base, the more you buff the more flawless the base becomes.

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