Wednesday, 16 October 2013

In-Class Formative Feedback 2013/14

I had a one to one with Sharron to discuss my blogs and to basically see where I am at with in the course. Listed on the feed back sheet above in the photo are the Issues that Sharron would like me to focus on. Sharron also listed some books that she thinks will be helpful, one being 'If it's purple, someone's gonna die: The Power of Colour in Visual Storytelling' by Patti Bellantoni.
I took the book out from the Uni library and I am looking forward to reading it!!!

The Illamasqua team came to visit! !

So in our Induction week we were extremely lucky to have the Illasmasqua girls come and talk to us about the wondrous brand itself, the theory behind it, the meaning of the names of the products, the story behind each product and also tips and advice on the industry itself. We also enjoyed a beautiful demonstration!!! We were all really inspired by the talk Josephine and the Make-up artist gave us. We were really lucky to be able to test some of the Illamasqua make up range too!! Heaven!!
I adore the colours the Make-up artist used to contour on the face, I think it gives off such a beautiful visual pleasure and sets the mood. I don't however like the eyebrows she created, I personally don't get why she has done them this way, I would have created thick eyebrows with texture. Having said this, she did only have about an hour to do this, whilst answering questions!

1592 Queen Elizabeth I 1533-1603 with a Fan, Unknown Artist

So "Red Heads and Royalty" is the name of my first brief for The Fundamentals of Hair & Postiche. We are going to be researching in depth about Elizabethan Hair, from the styles that they created, their techniques, products they used, tools they used, their influences, what the hair styles portrayed what backgrounds they came from, what colours were used on the hair... and anything else we find! As we are researching and finding inspiration we will be thinking about how to go about making these styles in to a contemporary 21st century adapted style! Eventually putting our ideas and inspiration in to a final look that will be created on a model.
We will be researching more in depth in to why they chose the colours they did, what inspired them to create the styles, textures, shapes that they did.. and how these styles described their status. At the same time we will be researching in to modern day contemporary Elizabethan styles, using this as a bases of inspiration for us to then go about creating our own version. Focusing on manipulating and changing certain styles with in one look.. making our own version a one off.
Eventually once we have enough research and inspiration to go ahead planning our final looks, we will design 3 looks taken from our research and present these to a partner or model, where they will then choose their favourite look, which THEY will then create on me.
All the while, we will be recording our process and journey on our Blogs... So welcome to mine.. It's a small insight to what goes on in the world of Chantelle.. I hope you enjoy being a part of my journey :)

What were my initial thoughts and expectations of the brief " Red Heads and Royalty"

So my initial thoughts when I received the brief "Red Heads and Royalty" at first were 'Wow, this is going to be interesting'! I remember that I loved History at school, and the Elizabethans really excited me and I found the whole era fascinating. As the years have passed since leaving school (I'm now 25) I have forgotten the exciting facts and information I had learned, so when I found out we would be doing this brief I was really looking forward to refreshing my memory and learning new facts I hadn't touched on before. Not only this, but it would be about Hair and Make-up... Kurrching!!!!

My initial expectations of the brief were to hope that I can learn invaluable techniques and skills by researching in to the Elizabethans and learning about their techniques.. as I feel that Make-up styles and colours have adapted era by era, and if it wasn't for history then we wouldn't have what we do today. We wouldn't have the products we have, the tools, the knowledge.. So I think what I am trying to say is that I feel learning about Elizabethan make-up will be a really exciting learning process and I will gain precious knowledge of what essentially, I feel, started the Make-up phenomenon!

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Here is a quick video of Sue demonstrating to the class how to clean our Make up brushes correctly. Different people have different techniques and use different products. But essentially as long as the brushes are clean after every use, I don't think it matters!

Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise

Loved todays lesson with Sue. We didn't actually play with make up, but we learnt how to Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise in the right way. It is surprising how much there is to learn about something that seems so simple. Hygiene and preperation is SO important! Also, I learnt not to be afriad of asking or allowing the model to take off the make up! If it helps then let them get stuck in! There may be many different reasons as to why you may ask the model to take her own make up off.. use of contacts being one, they may just feel comfy doing it themselves. Here are a few snaps!

I did this look back in the Summer, Looking back at these I would love to adapt the look and take it to another level.. watch this space ;)