Friday, 6 December 2013

My final chart design...

Here is my final design. I was inspired by the use of texture I have seen in the Elizabethan research I had looked at. I wanted to create an authentic contemporary look but obviously keeping to the brief which is for it to look Elizabethan with a contemporary twist. Myself and Ley practised this look before the assessment and discovered that there were a few parts of the design that wouldn't have worked within the time frame given, there for we had to adapt and change around some ideas to create a better outcome for the assessment . The parts of the design that we decided to change were the feather ruff that I wanted to structure on to the neck to create height and authority. I used a glue gun to glue the feathers together, but the glue was not strong enough to hold the structure together. And I didn't want to use it unless it was going to work exactly how I wanted it too. So I took that element away and I decided to have black lace draped over the neck and chest area, coming up on to the jaw line. I wasn't too disappointed about not being able to use the feather ruff as I actually preferred the look with just the black lace. It gave off quite an eerie feel which added to the overall image. I also decided that the look would look more aesthetically pleasing if I made the design look more symmetrical so I decided to add sequins on both sides rather than just one. I took the jewels  away as I felt that they added a tacky feel to the look.    

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