Monday, 11 November 2013

Edward Bond "The Third Crisis- Drama and Civilization"

“The first Elizabethan age ended with the discovery of brave new worlds (and incidentally the joining up of the United Kingdom). We are certainly on the edge of vast new unprecedented worlds, cosmic changes in culture, economy and society (and ironically the possible dissolution of the United Kingdom). But are our new worlds brave, cowardly, explorative or degenerative? It could be said the old Elizabethans plundered the new worlds. Perhaps now we can only plunder ourselves and call it trade."

In response to Edward Bond's observation of our current 'New Elizabethan Age', present 2-3 images that sum up your vision of a contemporary Elizabethan.  This can be via a ppt or a link to your blog page.  You will be required to discuss the images in class and question whether the image is indeed reflective of a New Elizabethan ideal in terms of make-up, hair and styling.

Personally when I think of the 'New Elizabethan Age', Angelina Jolie springs to mind straight away! Not only is she an iconic beauty and an outstanding actress giving the nation beautiful and perfect performances to watch.. she is also an inspirational role model who's generosity continues to help less fortunate people all around the world. Angelina was filming in Cambodia for Lara Croft when she witnessed humanitarian crisis. She was thankful for this experience as she later said that it brought to her a greater understanding of the world she lives in. Angelina has continued to support several charities and has donated an exceptional amount of money to these organisations. After 10 years of Angelina being a goodwill ambassador she was promoted to being a Special Envoy to High Commisioner, Antonio Guterres. Like Elizabeth, I feel that Angelina has a similar power in the sense that because she is so well respected for her generosity and gratitude people want to be like her and follow in similar footsteps. Like the woman of the Elizabethan era, they worshiped the ground the queen walked on, and wanted to be her, taking it as far as changing their whole appearance no matter how much damage it caused them, i.e. using chemicals on there skin and in their hair which in some cases, killed them! Angelina has a certain aura about her, her elegance and will power is infectious and this is why I am comparing her to Queen Elizabeth. Queen Elizabeth also had an aura about her, almost entrancing her loyal followers. People looked up to her, as they do Angelina. They are both (in each of their era's) looked upon as beautiful, powerful striking women. People want to BE them.
The above picture caught my eye as it reminded me of Queen Elizabeth. Even when in a room full of men, she still had power, authority and ruled the situation. She believed in herself and believed in her theories. She believed she could take on any situation, and win. As does Angelina, she believes that the less fortunate have hope and she will continue to help them until she dies. She believes that if we all stand together and work as one, we can help them. Her dedication and status have helped her raise more awareness.
I wanted to put the above picture on my blog as I feel it explains exactly what Angelina is about and what it is she is setting out to do. This stunning picture shows true emotion from Angelina.
Again, the above picture shows authority and power. Something that Queen Elizabeth I had perfected. I love the fact that it says "TIME TO ACT" on the stand. Its pretty self explanatory really...
My second choice of person who I believe to be ionic is...
Sir David Attenborough... A legend in my eyes. His passion is perfection. "A National Treasure". I believe he has influenced many in all sorts of ways. For me, growing up watching his programmes inspired me in so many different ways.. There is so many ways you can take inspiration from David, from an artistic point of view, colours, textures, shapes, lines.. and so many more. He has taught the nation about the world we live in.. I think that we should all be so grateful and thankful that he lives and breaths his passion and presents to  the world we live in such beauty. People respect Sir David Attenborough. They look up to him because of his dedication and love for what he does. He wants to please people and teach them about the wonderful universe. I feel that I can compare this to Queen Elizabeth I as she too had a very similar outlook on life, she was a very dedicated queen and believed in her people. Just as Sir David does.