Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Practising Elizabethan Make-up...

In this session we practised doing an Elizabethan Make-Over, concentrating on the white base, whitening out the eyebrows and using a pink blush to re create the cheeks that were very common in the Elizabethan era. The make up, although it looks quite dramatic was actually very simple. They didn't focus on the eyes, or eyebrows, the main focus was whitening out the skin. I worked on Alice. I Started off by Cleansing, Toning and Moisturising. I used Illamasqua's skin base 000. I used a foundation brush to get the coverage, I also mixed in Illamasqua's satin prima. I found the base wasn't buffing nicely in to the skin, I think this is because I put too much prima in to the base, for some reason the base was going patchy on the skin and was refusing to buff. I then took it all off and started again with just foundation, and after working it in to the skin for some time by buffing away, it eventually went smooth. Not as smooth as I would like, but I have to be honest, I think the Illamasqua foundation is very thick and needs a lot of work to get the perfect base. I feel that I need to use this product more so that I can get used to its texture and find a knack to creating the perfect base with this particular product. I then used Illamasqua's translucent powder to set the base. I used a soft sponge to do this, gently dabbing in to the base.  

Once I had done the base I then used the white foundation and an eyebrow brush to work it in to the hairs. I worked it in brushing the hairs front and back making sure that the product got right in between the hairs. I then applied a pink tone of blush on the apple of the cheeks and blended it out. I think by this time I was disheartened that my base application didn't work out how I would have liked it too, so I wasn't happy with the overall look but I will keep practising until I feel confident.

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