Friday, 6 December 2013

My Final Design

Here it is. My final look that I designed and Ley executed. I am over the moon with how this has turned out! I'm really thankful that me and Ley work so well together and understand one another's thought processes and ideas. We are inspired by a lot of the same things so when we get together its a massive creative burst of energy! The final outcome is pretty much how I envisioned it when designing it. Ley did a fantastic job of taking on board everything I had told her about my idea. The hair piece was better than I had excepted. I wanted to create something that looked elegant but also empowering and eerie, as this is how I imagined Queen Elizabeth the First to be. I wanted to incorporate feathers in to my design to add texture, and when researching I noticed that in quite a few pictures there were birds or pheasants somewhere in there. Also in the Elizabethan Era they didn't have supermarkets like we do now, they would have hunted for there food and this inspired my use of feathers. I wanted to use some sort of jewel or glitz as jewels were laced on the rich Elizabethans head pieces and clothes, so rather than adding jewels and sticking to the same idea they had by putting them on their clothes and in their hair, I wanted to twist it up and put sequins on the face. I personally feel that this created a really contemporary twist as the Elizabethans didn't go to town with make up on there face, apart from making sure they were pale. I wanted to create an eerie and powerful look, and overall I think myself and Ley achieved this. I am really pleased with my final design.

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