Friday, 6 December 2013

Peer Evaluation

I was pleased with how Leonie went about creating my Contemporary Elizabethan Design. She was organised and went about the assessment in a hygienic and professional manner. My self and Leonie had practised my design a few times before the actual assessment so we were both feeling confident and prepared for the day. Leonie was quite worried when I showed her my face chart design, as I had included quite an intricate make up design on the face using sequins. Leonie was worried that she wouldn’t have enough time to glue the sequins on as they are fairly fiddly and time consuming, but after we practised she soon relaxed as it didn’t in fact take much time at all. Like Leonie, I made my hair piece beforehand so Leonie had more time to focus on the make-up. Before the assessment me and Leonie had talked through in detail my inspiration for my design, and how I wanted to portray the look. This meant that Leonie understood my thought process and new how I wanted my design to look at the end. During the assessment Leonie got a little worked up when she was doing the eyebrows which resulted in her making a few mistakes. She decided to take off quite a bit of the makeup she had already done which meant she got even more stressed as she then had to go back and re do the makeup she had already done. However, she did quickly re compose herself and did a great job of the eyebrows afterwards. Leonie suffers from mental health problems so I took this in to consideration. Leonie positioned my hair piece exactly in the right place and made sure that it was pinned securely to my head using grips. Leonie did a great job of creating my design and I am very happy with the final result. She took on board all of the information I had given her and she produced some lovely make up.

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