Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Contemporary Elizabethan Make--up ...

For this session Sue had chosen two Contemporary Elizabethan images which she wanted us to copy and create on our partner. I partnered up with Ley. I chose to create the second picture from the top on Ley and Ley chose to create the top picture on myself.
There is quite a difference between the two pictures, one is dark and cold and the other has warm tones in it. I chose the warmer toned picture to create on Ley as I thought that her skin tone would suit the orange colour used on the eyes and cheeks. I started off by cleansing and toning, then moisturising. I then chose the products I thought best matched the colours used in the picture and began to copy the make up. I started off by creating a pale base, then chose an orange tone from my Crownbrush eye shadow pallet, and applied it to her eyes and cheeks. I used a copper tone from my Illamasqua liquid gold pallet to apply to the lip.
I wasn't happy with how this look turned out as I struggle to get a smooth well buffed in base with the Illamasqua white foundation. I find that the product is really think and I haven't yet sussed out how to crack the perfect base with it! But this is something I will keep practising until I have mastered it!
Ley has dry skin, with a few spots around the outer area of her face. She is allergic to lavender. Hair colour is Blue, in very dry condition. Age 21. Eye colour blue, shape rounded.

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